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O perfil de John Ferejohn - defensor de uma deliberação de respeito entre o Judiciário e o Legislativo

1) “Dados do Autor: Professor of Politics B.A. 1966, San Fernando
Valley State; Ph.D. 1972, Stanford. Email: Phone: (212) 998-6179. Office Address: NYU Department
of Politics, 19 W. 4th Street New York, 2nd Floor, NY 10012. Areas of
Research/Interest: Positive political theory; the study of legal and
political institutions and behavior; Congress and policy making; courts
within the separation of powers system; political campaigns and election
returns; and the philosophy of social science.”

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3) Foto

John Ferejohn, Stanford University


John Ferejohn is a professor of political science at Stanford University, a
senior fellow of the Hoover Institution, and a regular visiting professor at

School. He has previously taught at the California Institute of Technology
and is an adjunct professor at the Research School for the Social Sciences
at the

Australian National University in Canberra. He has written on varied
empirical and theoretical topics concerning political institutions and
behavior, including

social choice theory, electoral processes, and theories of legislatures and
of legislation. Currently his interests have been in jurisprudence and
political theory

and in understanding rational choice explanations of social phenomena. Among
his publications are Pork Barrel Politics; Rivers and Harbors Legislation,

1968 (1974), Personal Vote: Constituency Service and Electoral Independence
(1987), Constitutional Culture and Democractic Rule (2001), and numerous

in journals and collections.

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