quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2014

Richard Albert, Boston College Law School

By all accounts, the inaugural conference of the newly established
International Society of Public Law (ICON·S) was a resounding success. Held in Florence on June 26-28, the conference welcomed hundreds of scholars for three plenary sessions and sixty parallel panels structured around the theme of Rethinking the Boundaries of Public Law and Public Space.

Videos of the three plenary sessions are now available.

The first plenary session is available here (begins at 58:30). It is preceded by an introduction to the International Society of Public Law by Sabino Cassese, an introduction to the ICON-S Inaugural Conference by Joseph H.H. Weiler, and a keynote address by Jeremy Waldron. The subject of the plenary session itself is Nominal Democracy? Prospects for Democratic Global Governance. The plenary paper is delivered by Robert O. Keohane, with Gráinne de Búrca and Seyla Benhabib as discussants. Michel Rosenfeld chairs the session.

The second plenary session on The International in Constitutional Adjudication and the Constitutional in International Adjudication is available here (begins at 14:50). The plenary paper is delivered by
Joseph H.H. Weiler, with Ran Hirschl and Miguel Maduro as discussants. Helene Ruiz Fabri chairs the session.

The third plenary session on The Constitutional Disestablishment of Gender: Gender Constitutionalism in the New Millennium is available here (begins at 9:42). The plenary paper is delivered by Ruth Rubio Marin, with Mattias Kumm and Marta Cartabia as discussants. Sabino Cassesse chairs the session.

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